Best Food Travel Vloggers on YouTube India

Best food travel vloggers on youtube india are those who have a knack for sharing their love of vegetarian cuisine. They are bitten by the food-lust worm and seek out eateries of different recognition strata and then share their experiences with their audience.

Golgappa Girl Pooja is one such vlogger who loves to sample street food from all over the country. She also cooks and shares recipes on her channel.

1. Veggie Paaji

Tanmay Sharma, an Economics (Hons) student is the Founder of Veggie Paaji. His food photographs and videos have gained huge popularity in the digital space. He organises various food tours, heritage walks and eat-outs for his followers.

Besides his main channel, he also has a travel and tourism channel and a cooking tutorials channel. He started his YouTube journey in his final year of college and has become a famous name because of his food review videos.

He makes influencer marketing videos for various brands on his YouTube channels. He also has a tie-up with an influencer marketing agency. The average cost for an influencer marketing campaign on his YouTube channel is Rs 5,000. This includes a Youtube feed static post and necessary hashtags. This is a great opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and get noticed by the audience.

2. Mr Raman

Bharat has a knack of teaching cooking skills and culinary expertise through his YouTube videos. He makes the learning process fun and interactive while demonstrating how to cook some of India’s best cuisines in his own unique style. He teaches all aspects of cooking from beginning to end. He also covers all the basic preparation techniques that are essential for every kitchen.

He is a traveller and explores the various local food stalls around the world. His YouTube channel features food challenges, vlogs and reviews of various restaurants and street vendors. He has a passion for food and keeps trying newer dishes to share his experience with his subscribers.

This family-based channel from Tirupur, Tamil Nadu is a must-watch for all Indian foodies. The brother duo of Akash and Vishwa Joshi make some of the most mouth-watering non-veg dishes for their viewers. Their most popular video featuring cow leg piece gravy and goat intestine curry has garnered more than 79 million views.

3. Foodie Nation

Foodie Nation is a channel run by a duo who call themselves ‘bhukkad dilli ke’. They explore street foods in Delhi and also participate in various food eating challenges.

Their channel covers all kinds of cuisines, from multi continental restaurants to small local markets and authentic village food. They mainly venture in the southern states, but aren’t afraid to travel to other parts of the country for some delicious street food!

Priyanka’s videos are unique because she assigns themes to her content, for example, she may have a challenge like eating only the food of BTS member ShinChan for 24 hours. She tries to keep her videos engaging and entertaining. She also vlogs her recipes and goes through the entire process of selecting ingredients to cooking, eating, and reviewing them. She also offers tips to help viewers try out the recipe at home. This is a must-watch for every foodie!

4. Mr Raman & Son

If you love traveling across India in search of delicious street food then this channel is the one for you. They have a unique way of sharing their experiences with you through their videos. Whether it’s the best place for Chole Bhature in Delhi or the most authentic chaat in Kolkata, they have covered all.

Harish Bali is an explorer who loves travelling in the name of food. He has visited many major cities of India and shares his experience with his viewers via his channel. He also helps the needy by donating money through his charity organization Save Max.

Veggie Paaji is a vegetarian YouTuber who showcases the incredible variety of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Whether it’s a street food favorite like paneer tikka or home cooked classics like dal makhani, his enthusiasm is infectious. He even interviews local food vendors and gets down to the nitty-gritty of their entire workflow.

5. Foodie Challenges

A food vlogger named Maria Goretti has an amazing selection of recipes. She cooks great gourmet meals at home and gives her viewers all the tips to do so as well. Her channel is a fun one and she also creates videos for special events like Father’s day.

This food vlogger is a voracious eater and loves to take up exciting challenges on her channel. She eats things that even most people would not be able to finish in a single go. Her videos are full of funny and binge-worthy content.

She has a channel called Cook With Asha where she teaches her viewers how to prepare authentic Indian dishes. She has precise cooking instructions and kitchen hacks that can make anyone a master chef. She has a wide range of videos from ice cream recipes to mouthwatering snacks and main courses. Her YouTube videos are also in the Bengali language which makes it easy for her viewers to follow the recipes.

6. Pooja Kumari

Whether it’s snacks, beverages, desserts or main courses, she has recipes for all of them. Her videos are wholesome and fun, so you can’t help but subscribe to her channel.

She also offers kitchen hacks and cooking tutorials on her channel. She has also participated in several cooking challenges and food contests, which makes her more interesting to watch.

She started her channel with the intention of teaching people how to cook Indian dishes in a simpler way. Her unique and creative recipes are sure to impress your family members and friends.

She is one of the most popular Indian food vloggers who travels around the world in search of delicious cuisines. She visits places such as Old Delhi, Varanasi and Kashmir to try out street food and experience culinary traditions. She also pays homage to religious institutions to discover their history and culture through food.

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