Birthday Stage Decoration With Flowers

A cake table adorned with flowers and cakes is the perfect way to capture attention for your birthday party. It also makes a great backdrop for pictures.

Choose flowers that compliment your event design aesthetic. Chrysanthemums are a seasonal choice with beautiful colors that add texture to any floral design. Another flower filler is dusty miller, which can be used year round.

1. Cake Table

The cake table is the center of attention for any dessert-heavy event. It should be high enough that guests can easily reach it, but not so tall that they’re straining to see the cake or the other sweets on display. The ideal table size depends on the room and number of guests. A larger space may need a bigger table, while a smaller room can get away with a small one. If you’re not sure where to place yours, consider using a piece of furniture as your cake table instead. Dressers, bar carts, and even wine barrels are great options. For a bold aesthetic, try pairing your table with a vintage brass swan head for a truly special look.

To make your cake table more colorful, cover it with a tablecloth that matches or complements the hue of the floral decorations on the wall. Another way to up the ante is to add color-coordinated hanging flowers in the form of flower poms. Choose multicolored ones for a whimsical effect or stick to single-colored poms to create a more elegant vibe. You can even hang them from the ceiling to create a magical effect.

3. Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquets are a great way to show someone you care, or commemorate an occasion. Putting a little extra effort into assembling your bouquet yourself can also save you money, and let you personalize the gift even further.

Pick the right flowers for your bouquet. Start with a focal flower (such as roses or lilies) and build your bouquet around it. Then add complementary flowers, fillers (like baby’s breath, myrtle, wax flowers or eucalyptus) and accent greenery for color, volume and texture. Make sure to remove any thorns and sharp leaves.

To help your flowers last longer, make sure to use fresh, cold water and a flower food packet (which usually comes with your bouquet). Then remove any wilting or dying flowers, and recut stems for better water absorption. Also, avoid drafty areas or exposing your flowers to sunlight, as both can speed up their decay.

Finally, keep your flowers away from fruit, as the ethylene gas they release during ripening will accelerate their deterioration. And remember to change your bouquet’s water daily, and clean the vase when it goes cloudy. Following these simple steps can dramatically extend the lifespan of your beautiful floral arrangement.

4. Wooden Structure

A wooden structure like a trellis or a board can be used as a creative birthday stage decoration with flowers. Add the birthday boy or girl’s name and age to make it look more personalized. This kind of decoration is best for outdoor locations like a garden.

Transform inexpensive supermarket flowers into a last-minute floral masterpiece with this easy tutorial. You can use it as a backdrop for a cake table or as a fun photo opp.

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