How to Make a Kite at Home

How to make kite at home is an excellent craft project for kids. It is easy to do, teaches some basic science and provides hours of fun for kids. It also makes an amazing gift for anyone who loves to fly a kite!

The best part of this simple kite making activity is that it is super easy and inexpensive. You can find all the materials you need at your local grocery store. Plus, this is the perfect way to get your kiddos outside in some fresh air!

First, let your child cut a piece of paper bag or a piece of notebook paper that is 12*16 inches. Then fold it in half horizontally. On the long side, measure and mark four inches from the open end. On the short side, measure and mark two inches from the folded end. This will be the kite’s frame.

Now take two pieces of bamboo or dowel and make a cross. Attach them with string at the ends. Wrap a length of string around them, and cut small notches in the stick to keep the string in place. Next, spread the newspaper over the dowel frame and tie it in place. Then tie a long piece of string or flying line to the kite where the dowels cross.

If the kite doesn’t fly properly, it could be because there isn’t enough wind or a dowel is uneven in stiffness along its length. Try again, and add a longer tail to the kite.

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