Teenage Party Entertainment Ideas

If your teen is a big fan of their favorite band or singer, organizing a concert for their friends may be just the ticket. They will enjoy seeing their idol in person and making memories together.

Give teens the classic sleepover party, albeit on a smaller scale with adjoining rooms to accommodate them. Throw in some board games and video games.

Movie Night

Teenagers love movies, so a Movie Night at home or at your local theater can be a great party idea. Send out invitations that look like movie tickets and include a favorite movie or genre of films as the party theme. Make popcorn and serve other snacks at the party while watching a movie together.

If your teenager loves a good whodunnit, you can always throw a murder mystery party to help her and her friends channel their inner detectives. These games typically come with clues and evidence to help the players figure out who committed a crime.

For a fun twist, get hula hoops and challenge the teens to a hula hoop contest. Give each player a timer and ask them to see how many marshmallows they can get through the hoop in one minute. This game is especially good for outdoor birthday parties. You can also set up a photo booth and give the teens boas, face masks or other party props to pose with. If you have an outdoor pool, host a swim party for the teens. This is an ideal choice if the teenager has a summer birthday.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are popular with teens and they work really well in a mall. You can tailor the list to the interests of your teens by asking them to find certain items like a perfume sample, a specific pricing tag in a store, or an employment application. Then you can add in a couple of riddles for extra fun.

To play this game, divide your group into teams of three or five players. Have enough drivers to get everyone to the mall so they are all in a vehicle with seatbelts and can be safely chaperoned by adults. Make sure you let them know how long they have to complete the list (an hour or an hour and a half is good) and that they need to meet at the food court when finished.

You can also make the list more difficult by adding tasks that they need to take a photo of. Examples might be a celebrity look-alike and how they do it, or a security guard doing something unusual. The team that completes the most items on their list wins.

Painting Party

If your teen is into art, consider a painting party. You can buy a ready-made painting kit from a local store or plan your own. Make sure your paint party takes place in a location that is easy to clean in case of spills and splatters. It is also important that the guests wear clothes they don’t mind getting messy. You can provide them with paper aprons, old t-shirts or art smocks.

Cooking classes are another fun party option for teenagers who enjoy learning new skills. You can find cooking classes for teens in most cities and towns.

A smores bonfire is another great party idea for the outdoorsy type. You can use an inflatable screen if you have one to watch a movie after dark. You can also play laser tag or flashlight tag in the dark with your teen’s friends after the movies end.

A dance class is another way to pamper your teen and their friends. It is also a unique gift that they will always remember. This is another event that can be done if you are within driving distance of a dance studio in your city.

Limo or Party Bus

A limo or party bus is a great option for a birthday for a teen girl because it allows her to feel pampered on her special day. You can rent a bus that is outfitted with sound systems and mood lighting to turn the vehicle into an entertainment center. This will make the ride as enjoyable as the destination. If your teen is a music lover, you can also book a concert as part of the shindig.

Other popular types of entertainment for a teen birthday include hiring entertainers such as comedians, hypnotists, and impersonators. These will heighten the excitement and amazement of your teen’s friends.

Some teen girls will enjoy anything that makes them feel classy, upscale, and, let’s be honest, like a princess. If that’s the case for your teen, consider having a high tea party. This can be done at nice hotels or restaurants that serve upscale afternoon tea. You can also have an ice skating party at a local ice skating rink. This will be an exhilarating and picturesque experience for your teen and her friends.

Game Night

Teenagers are at an age when they want to be entertained by games that are fun, challenging and that don’t involve their parents clapping hands or making them sit in a circle. The key is to find games that are fast-paced, use household items and require some level of skill or strategy.

Minute to Win It Games

The classics are still a hit with teens – and you can keep them going throughout the night! These fast-paced games usually require just one minute to complete and are great for teens because they use household items.

One popular game is Wink Assassin. As soon as the players arrive, they will be allocated a word that they are not allowed to say. This could be a nickname, name of a friend, or even a pet! They will then get a lolly bag filled with sweets and whenever they see the word being said by another player they must give that person one of their sweets. This is a funny game that teaches social skills and makes for a fun icebreaker!

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