Waqar Hassan Tells Businesses How To Choose a Particular Platform to Target for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most important tolkes of marketing that your bussiness need in oder to meet up with the present update in the online world because social media help you to attract your target market and create for your business a good brand recognition in the mind of your target audience . However social media marketing can be expensive but you shouldn’t keep it up without know how much you are spending.

You need a proper strategy that puts your social media marketing into the most optimal spot to reap the most benefits from your social marketing efforts on the social media. The focus would also be important as you would always have to target the right social media marketing platform for your target audience that may likely prefer using most of their social media time on, so that your content, including ads, would reach the audience that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

So, how will you decide which one to choose to market your brand? This article will guide you on deciding that. Waqar Hassan (a popular social media marketer) has shared some insights. He is going to share a few tips to give you an idea of the age group (user base), pros, cons and the content that works for each social media platform. This way you will be able to get the right social media marketing strategy for your brand.


We cannot ignore facebook in marketing in the internet specially and in social media.There are billions of people use facebook to day.They are such a market for a lot of business.For note,Facebook came in market between 2005-2009.This showed a lot of people between age 25-34.

Moreover, most of the baby boomers are more obsessed with using Facebook than any other social media application that is there now. Therefore, if your business wants to target this age group then you can definitely get amazing return on investment if you utilise the potential of using social media on Facebook.
Here are few things every one need to know before they start using Facebook for enhancing social media marketing.

• Age Group: 25 to 34 years old, Boomers

• Content: Images, Small Posts, Live Videos, etc.

• Strategies: Local Advertising, Building Connections, Getting Feedback from Customers

• Cons: Weak Organic Reach


Its considered that its the Facebook for the professional world. Most individual and companies will link with each other in LinkedIn, however there is a misconception that LinkedIn is just an another platform to find a next job, but apart from that there is much more using it in curriculum vitae for content marketing. So, dont neglect this LinkedIn for your content marketing efforts.

There are many LinkedIn features for company pages, which can be leveraged for your brand propaganda purposes. In addition to this, you can share company milestones and culture – which go a long way in creating a good brand image. You can create company pages as a resource centre where various industry news and insights can be posted on a regular basis. This helps you come across as a specialist of the field.

• Strategies: Long-form Content, Such As Posts Or Videos

• Content: News, Discussion, Long Posts, etc.

• Cons: Ad Reporting And Custom Audience

• Age Group: 25 to 50 (Professionals)


Instagram is a well-known social media site hard to percieve modern popular company without it. Although integram was created later Twitter and LinkedIn it is paying great interest on it.More choncistly then 700 millions people visiting instagmr every month make it a great chance for business owner.

photo by @poppiaknowsbestOne of the best things about Instagram, just like in business, is that you can always utilise users content for your brand. By users, I mean customer testimonial content. Customer reviews about your product. And the best part is, that it has a higher organic reach than Facebook. So, you have the chance to blow up your brand within a short time.

• Age Group: 18 – 35 (Mostly Millennials)

• Content: Questions/polls, Images

• Strategies: Influencer Marketing

• Cons: High Cost Of Social Media Marketing


Generations (Gen Z) are exposed to snapshot apps like Snapchat and TikTok. While adding your stories on Facebook and instagram both have the same features, Gen Z would still prefer Snapchat over Facebook.

With Snap Maps, geo-filters, and with the help of its partnership with Gannett, this social platform is an ideal location-based marketing tool. Merely devising a fun and creative way to market your brand on TikTok qualifies you to use it as a marketing channel.

• Age Group: 10 – 25 (Mostly Teens)

• Content: Short-Form Videos About Humor, Challenges, Trends, etc.

• Strategies: Influencer Marketing, Series Content, and Video Ads

• Cons: Hard Time in Building Relationships


If you are leveraging YouTube as a social media channel in your integrated marketing campaign, you will be able to create a winning advantage over your competitors, although you can’t always get viral on it, as you can with other channels, you can add value for sure.

If you do all this you are building positive brand equity and you will get the most positive outcome for every dollar spent on getting people to enjoy your content. blogger outreach type content is possible, whether it’s tutorials, guides or even some explainer videos.

• Age Group: 18 – 35 (Popular Among Mostly All Age Groups)

• Content: Guides, Reviews, Webinars, etc.

• Strategies: Short-Form Videos, Long Informative Videos, and Advertising.

• Cons: Video is Resource-Heavy


Last one, twitter, if no one on this social media indifferent, for you is the right one.

Whether it is witty ideas, brief useful facts, liveliness of mood, language and comments, the rulers of twitter can direct your target audience toward yourself.
To encounter which twitter are enchanting, one have to browse Twitter. Thus, you carry on your followship of whom are acknowledged as influential.

• Age Group: 35 to 49 (Educated, Wealthy, and Influential People)

• Content: News, Discussion, Long Posts, etc.

• Strategies: Ads, long posts, etc.

• Cons: Small Audience

Final Words

By the end of this article, you definitely know the actual scene of your social media marketing in totality and choose the suitable one for them, and paraphrase Waqar Hassan ideas in your own words to get the maximum output from the chosen efforts. Besides the specified advice, besides everything else, Waqar Hassan is an expert and expert in outlining blogger outreaching to all small businesses. Those who believe in this, should not be worried about missing the online spotlight and opportunities, as well as the peak moment in the digital marketplace.

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