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The titillating title of Chef Jamie Oliver’s early TV show, Naked Chef, reveals the underlying philosophy that defines his cooking style: rustic attention to garden-fresh ingredients. His thriving restaurant franchise Fifteen serves as a commercial enterprise and charitable foundation, training disadvantaged youths in the culinary arts. His regular TV shows like Road Trip and Family Christmas further his ethos.

The Naked Chef

The title of this #1 international bestseller reflects Oliver’s cooking philosophy — stripping fine food down to its basics and using simple preparation techniques. He is a laid-back cook who encourages “people to make the dishes they love, with minimal fussing and a lot of fun,” (USA Weekend). His parents operated a pub-restaurant in Clavering, Essex, and Oliver developed basic apprentice chef skills by age 16. He enrolled at the London Westminster Catering College and traveled to France to further his training.

In the book, he provides recipes for fantastic salads and soups; tapas; casseroles, roasts, and fish dishes; and desserts. He also offers tips for inspired grocery shopping and shares his straightforward food philosophy that will inspire new and experienced cooks alike.

Oliver’s TV series are a continuation of his mission to promote healthy eating and responsible food practices. He’s an engaging host whose sexy, flirtatious personality captivates viewers. Series like Jamie’s School Dinners illustrate his efforts to retrain cafeteria staff and improve school lunches. The show’s popularity led to a government commitment to better menu options.

TV Shows

With an infectious accent and rustic attention to fresh foods, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s TV show work is a rousing blend of education and entertainment. Whether it’s his first effort called The Naked Chef or more recent efforts like Jamie at Home and Jamie’s Italian, the theme behind each show is to promote healthy cooking for all.

He also works to expand on this theme through his Fifteen restaurant flagship statement that doubles as a commercial enterprise and charitable foundation to train disadvantaged chef/students. His many other TV shows are designed to promote the same philosophy, including Jamie’s Great Italian Escape and his popular series called Road Trip.

Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals, a popular series that premiered in 2010 features the chef preparing meals with simple ingredients in just 30 minutes. Other notable shows include the four-part documentary Jamie’s School Dinners, in which he battled to improve the quality of school meals and fight back against junk food and sugary snacks being served to children. In this project, he also calls on parents to help fund school lunches to raise awareness and funds for better food choices in schools.


The underlying philosophy behind Chef Oliver’s TV productions is to mobilize individuals and communities in support of responsible eating. The series Jamie’s Italian exemplifies this theme by bringing affordable, rustic cuisine into the mainstream market. Likewise, the early effort Fifteen Restaurant served as a commercial endeavor and a training facility for youths not normally given the chance to engage in culinary pursuits. Similarly, Jamie’s American Road Trip and Jamie’s Family Christmas highlight topical segments in which the Chef applies his underlying principles to unique circumstances.

In addition to his TV and restaurant ventures, the Chef has published a number of cookbooks in keeping with his on screen themes. He has also endorsed a line of culinary products and an international supermarket chain. His philanthropic efforts also include involvement with school lunch programs and children’s health.


With a wide range of cookbooks that parallel his on screen ventures, and an endorsement of a major English supermarket chain as well as a host of culinary wares; Chef Jamie Oliver is a well-rounded media mogul.

The underlying theme for his popular series is promoting responsible food choices and healthy cooking methods. His show Fifteen exemplifies this philosophy as it is both a restaurant foray into rustic Italian cuisine, and an educational outreach program that trains disadvantaged youths for careers in the culinary arts. Other shows like Jamie’s American Road Trip and Jamie’s Family Christmas showcase topical segments where he applies his underlying principles to unique situations. These shows also highlight his homespun approach to kitchen cooking and focus on healthier meal options for families.

Online Cooking Classes

Whether you are new to the kitchen or a seasoned chef, online cooking classes offer a convenient way to learn. These interactive video sessions allow you to practice your skills in the comfort of your own home and at a time that works with your schedule. You can take a class with your friends or sign up for a couples’ date night culinary experience.

These classes are led by professional and celebrity chefs, and provide instruction on sourcing and cooking with the best ingredients. Some courses are as simple as knife skills and basics, while others focus on specific recipes or cuisines. Some classes are as advanced as preparing a restaurant-quality meal.

Another great resource for cooking is Masterclass, a website that features online learning from professionals in a wide range of industries. Its cooking section features teachers from the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck. It also has lessons on a variety of topics, including writing for TV from Shonda Rhimes and music from Reba McEntire. A membership costs $180 per year, but you can get a buy-one-get-one deal.

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